Camilla "Milkman Stardust" Bozejewicz

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Hi , my Name is Izzy Starman and I´m gonna show you the secret crazy drug world of Milkman Stardust


When the first time Milkman sang she was a little unloved girl without any ideas for Music or the World of lovlely Sounds


She was a Teenager when the first time she screamed for Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison

It was just amazing how her voice flew thorugh the wind and the people wanted to have her finger nails on their drugs


When she came the first time to record her lips for the Flowers and Flowing session , no one thought she whould take over the whole scene of drugs altough Jimmi Hendirx was her big inspring hero


When the first time i heard Milkman Stardust i knew i had to bring more Music in the world which hasn´t the words "Hip" or "Motherfucker"


She made her way thorugh many Flowerfields with her acoutsic guitarist Nikola and her Keyboard until she was invited to the Flower Aid which was sponsered by Jannis Joplin


After she played the Song "Love is not a word for Hunger" David Bowie met her backstage and wanted to know how she came to this kind of "Shemale" songs


Both had some discussions and Milkman decided to go to David´s House to live with him and his Children Jimi and Jannis


After that she made her second recording and with that she made her endless Way thorugh the revolted style of drug Music and flowers...

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